Welcome to our happy place! We are glad you are here! If you have any questions about our classes or sign ups please message me on Facebook or call 865-604-7072.

We are currently offering our classes at half capacity and due to COVID. Please be sure to sign up in advance and to cancel within our 3 hour time frame if you cannot make the scheduled class.

As always, we will continue doing our part to sanitize and keep the studio a clean, safe space for you to come and take time for YOU! We ask that you use Germ-X or wash your hands upon entering studio. If you prefer to wear a mask in the lobby, please do.

1/18 Monday Barre Basic 8:30am-reserve your spot here-Lindsey

1/18 Monday Tabata Barre 5:45pm-reserve your spot here-Kim

1/19 Tuesday Barre Express 5:30am-reserve your spot here-Kim

1/19 Tuesday Barre Basic 5:45pm-reserve your spot here-Lindsey

1/20 Wednesday Barre Basic 3:45pm-reserve your spot here-Kim

1/20 Wednesday Yoga Flow 5pm-reserve your spot here-Lindsey

1/21 Thursday Tabata Barre Express-5:30am-reserve your spot here-Kim

1/21 Thursday Barre Basic 6pm-reserve your spot here-Lindsey 

1/22 Friday Barre Basic 9am-reserve your spot here-Kim

1/22 Friday Yoga Flow 5pm-reserve your spot here-Lindsey

1/23 Saturday Tabata Barre & Stretch 8am {1 hr 15 min}-reserve your spot here-Kim

1/24 Sunday Barre Basic 2pm-reserve your spot here-Lindsey