Please note that the event will say “free” but this is simply reserving your spot for the class. You must purchase a package or single class either online or in studio before class. Packages are available here:

**All Barre Basic classes are 1 hour long. Barre Express classes are 45 minutes long. First time clients please arrive 10-15 minutes early.

2/24 Monday-Barre Basic 9am/reserve your spot here-Beckie

2/24 Monday-Barre Blitz 5:45pm/reserve your spot here

2/25 Tuesday-Barre Express 5:30am/reserve your spot here

2/25 Tuesday-Slow Flow Yoga 9:30am/reserve your spot here-Beckie

2/25 Tuesday-Barre Basic 5:45pm/reserve your spot here-Beckie

2/26 Wednesday-Slow Flow Yoga 5pm/reserve your spot here-Beckie

2/27 Thursday Barre Express 5:30am/reserve your spot here

2/27 Thursday Slow Flow Yoga-9am{FREE Community Class}/reserve your spot here-Lindsey

2/27 Thursday Bootcamp 6pm/reserve your spot here-Beckie

2/28 Friday-Barre Basic 9am/reserve your spot here

2/29 Saturday-Yoga Basics/reserve your spot here-Heather

**PLEASE NOTE OUR CANCELLATION POLICY- If you have signed up for a class and need to cancel, please be sure to do so within the 3 hour time limit. (the earlier the better) This allows other clients on the waiting list to be bumped into the class and gives them ample time to prepare. You may cancel through your eventbrite confirmation email(the link you used to sign up for the class) text me, call me, FB message me or email me to let me know.

If you schedule classes and fail to show up or fail to cancel within three hours of the class, a visit will still be deducted from your package for each occurrence.

If you are a new client and fail to show up or fail to cancel within three hours of the class, you will be responsible to pay for the class at your next visit.

**Class schedule is subject to change.

Don’t see a class time that works for you? I am open to suggestions for new class times and days. Please message me or talk with me so that we can work out a class that fits your schedule!