Welcome to our happy place! We are glad you are here! If you have any questions about our classes or sign ups please message me on Facebook or call 865-604-7072.

5/23 Monday Barre Basic 9am-reserve your spot here-Lindsey

5/23 Monday Aerobics Strength and Stretch 5:30pm-reserve your spot here-Rita

5/24 Tuesday Barre Basic Express 5:30am-reserve your spot here-Kim

5/24 Tuesday Barre Basic-6:15pm-reserve your spot here-Jenna

5/26 Thursday Tabata Barre Express 5:30am-reserve your spot here-Kim

5/26 Thursday Yoga Flow 4:30pm-reserve your spot here-Lindsey

5/26 Thursday Barre Basic 6:15pm-reserve your spot here-Jenna

5/27 Friday Barre Bootcamp 9am-reserve your spot here-Kim

5/27 Friday Aerobics Strength and Stretch 4:30pm-reserve your spot here-Rita

5/28 Saturday Barre Basic at the Park-8am-reserve your spot here-Kim

5/29 Sunday Barre Basic-2pm-reserve your spot here-Jenna