Wondering if Brickhouse Barre is a good fit for you? Check out what some of our clients have to say.

“Barre has been there for me through so many wonderful moments! I started barre when I started my teaching job, I got to get a good barre workout in before our wedding, and I was able to do barre up until I was 38 weeks pregnant! The stress relief after a long day and safely being able to stay in shape while pregnant are some of the #1 reasons why I love going. My doctor and nurse were so impressed with my pushing during labor and I give all the credit to barre! Thank you Kim and Lindsey for helping me workout safely and for keeping us all motivated to come back for more leg and arm shakes!!
No matter what you have going on, don’t wait, come on to the barre. I highly recommend it.”
Anna, member since 2017
“I love Brickhouse Barre for several reasons. I love that it’s a totally judgement free, safe place to workout. It truly doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey. It’s all about “progress not perfection.” I love the encouraging and knowledgeable instructors. They are dedicated to making each and every move safe and form focused. I love the mind body connection of each class. Every class strengthens my body, mind, and soul. I love any class with a little cardio. Boot camp, Blitz, and Tabata classes are my absolute favorite. They are the perfect combination of strength training from head to toe with a bonus of cardio. I LOVE all the sweet women that workout at barre. It’s really like a big family. I love that every class is still very challenging, even after 200 classes. I love the melt, encouraging quote, and stretch at the end of class. It’s for sure the sprinkles on top! I’m so thankful my sweet mama encouraged me to step way outside my comfort zone to try my first barre class. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. It has truly changed my life, and we are very blessed to have this wonderful studio in our little town.” -Amber member since 2018

“After years of trying different types of exercise, I am so glad I finally found barre! Barre has become a perfect fit for me as I’ve gotten older. My first class was just as challenging as my last.” -Christy, member since 2020

“We are so blessed to have a place like this in our little town. Barre is for anyone, no matter what your fitness level is. Whether you are starting your day off with a morning class or winding down the day with an evening one, you always feel accomplished and better about yourself than when you walked in the door. I’m so glad I decided to try it out, and look forward to more classes and goals accomplished.” Jenna, member since 2019
“I love everything about barre. The instructors, the community, the good feelings you get after you take a class- everything! If you’re reading this and have been wanting to join but nervous/scared to try something new… take the plunge, sign up, and come join a class! You’ll be so glad you did! I know I am!” Mia, member since 2017
“I started barre six months ago when I decided it was now or never to get in better shape. As an older person, I wanted to stay active and independent. I’ve now completed over 100 classes in six months, and my flexibility and balance have improved. My muscles feel firmer, and I’m looking forward to even more improvement in strength and toning as I work toward the next 100 classes. I appreciate the supportive and non-competitive atmosphere of the barre studio, as well as the attention that Kim and Lindsey pay to correct form in doing the exercises. Also, the routines are varied enough, targeting different muscle groups, that I can go almost every day and not feel I’m overdoing it.” -Cathy, member since 2020
“I have enjoyed coming to barre. Barre has helped me physical and mentally. When I’m there I tune out the outside world and focus on strengthening my body. I started coming to barre because I was tired all the time and I wanted to try something different. I just decided one morning after Christmas that I would start something new. I came for the first time December 29th(?). During the melt time, Kim read a quote about the upcoming new year about giving more, worry less, and change. The melt time is something I always look forward to because of the quotes and melt spray. The quotes are always encouraging and I take something away from them every time. Since I have been coming to barre my diabetes has been more managed. My A1C is down, my rheumatoid arthritis has changed tremendously. I don’t hurt nearly as bad. I love yoga…especially the lavender cloths, I love coming to barre knowing I’m making changes in my body not just today but for the long run. Kim and Lindsey are so encouraging and they make working out fun!! I have gained some amazing friends from the studio. So thankful for all of them. I’m so thankful for the studio because when I go I feel stronger…through ever hold, every pulse, and every count down. Classes are so rewarding because I get a good workout and I get to do something I enjoy. It’s one of my favorite places to be!” -Katie, member since 2019
“I began coming to Barre because I was pressured into coming for a “bring a friend” class. I thought it would be really easy and not much of a workout because I used to be a ballet dancer and I just couldn’t imagine what we would be doing that would push me. But I learned a few things at that very first beginner’s class: I was out of shape, I didn’t know what barre really was, and that I really needed to begin to take my health seriously.
When I started I was really struggling With psoriatic arthritis and I couldn’t do a lot of the combos in the class. Since then I can now hold my plank for the entire time and move in my plank and I’ve lost almost 40 pounds and gained a lot of muscle. I don’t have near the issues with joint pain that I did before and I’ve made some really great friends.”- Monica, member since 2018